LADIES CUT & BLOW DRY                                                               £100

GENT CUT & STYLE                                                                             £65

BLOW DRY                                                                                           £65

RESTORATIVE TREATMENT & BLOW DRY                                   £100

HAIRCUT & RESTORATIVE TREATMENT                                       £130

KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT                                             £280                                                           

BRIDAL TRAIL                                                                                      £120 PER HOUR

WEDDING HAIR                                                                                  POA 


Wednesday                      10am-7pm

Thursday                           10am-7pm Friday                                 10am-7pm

For out of hours appointments please get in touch.

“Hollie is amazing! There really isn't any other way to describe her artistry with hair”

“Hollie is amazing! There really isn't any other way to describe her artistry with hair”



“Hollie was able to envisage exactly what I wanted from my haircut and helped me to achieve an effortless, everyday style. She took into account my hair type, lifestyle and hair routine to make sure that the cut would be easy for me to work with and require very little styling. Hollie is very approachable so you immediately feel at ease with her, I would recommend her services to anyone. She also gives great advice about styling products and how to maintain hair health at home.”  


“When I first moved to London from Seattle one of the most important things, after figuring out where I would live, was who would take care of my hair. As my top “splurge” expense, my hair team is so important. Enter Hollie. Since finding her I have never looked back. Beyond being incredibly kind, warm, and genuinely nice- the work she produces is fantastic. I get compliments on my hair all the time and it’s due to Hollie. I am SO thankful to have found- Hollie for the sake of my hair but also because I love seeing her each time I get it done!.”


“Hollie's been cutting my hair for 12 years now. When you fin the one you never leave!.”


“When I first came to see Hollie my hair was in dire straights from years of hair extensions, I literally looked like a cave woman! Hollie has transformed my hair into a healthy name that doesn't need extensions anymore. She really cares about what is best for your hair and won't do anything she knows wouldn't look right. I highly recommend Hollie, and she is a super cool chick too."


"I’ve had my hair cut by Hollie for over 10 years and she even did my hair on my wedding day as I wouldn’t trust anybody else!. Hollie does such great cuts that even as my hair grows, it still looks styled.”